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Our company’s nail drills offer numerous advantages that make them the first choice of professional manicurists and nail technicians. First and foremost, our nail drills are designed for precision and efficiency. With variable speed control and a range of interchangeable bits, it shapes, files and smooths nails with precision, saving time and effort during the manicure process. This level of control ensures a perfect finish that is tailored to each customer. Versatility is another significant advantage of our nail drills. From removing old gel or acrylic nails to refining and polishing natural nails, our machines can handle a variety of tasks with ease. By combining multiple nail care tools into one, it simplifies the manicure process, making it an essential and cost-effective tool for professionals. Hygiene and safety are also paramount in our designs. Nail drill rigs feature disposable abrasive belts and easily sterilizable drill bits to ensure a clean, safe environment for technicians and customers. Attention to hygiene and safety is vital to maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. In summary, our company’s nail drills stand out for their precision, efficiency, versatility and focus on hygiene and safety. It is a valuable tool that meets the needs of professional manicurists, providing a seamless and high-quality nail care experience.

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Product Name Electric Nail Drill Machine
Plug US plug/EU plug in stock.AU plug/UK plug need to be customized,and its MOQ is 12 pcs
AC input voltage 110V~240 V 50/60 HZ
Speed 0-25000 rmp. max
Gross Weight 1200 g/pcs
MOQ 5 pcs

Product Description:

Our nail grinder is designed to provide easy, precise nail care for both professional and personal use. With its multifunctional properties, it provides efficient nail shaping and polishing.

Product Brief:

Our multi-functional nail grinder is an essential tool for precise nail care, suitable for both professional salons and personal use. Its convenient design and versatile capabilities make it the ideal choice for maintaining well-groomed nails.

Product Application:

The nail grinder is perfect for trimming, shaping, and polishing nails, delivering salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. It is suitable for both acrylic and natural nails, catering to diverse nail care needs.

Product Advantages:

  • Convenience: The user-friendly design and multiple speed settings provide a convenient and efficient solution for nail care, saving time and effort for users.
  • Precision: The nail grinder ensures detailed and accurate nail shaping, offering professional results with ease.
  • Versatility: With interchangeable attachments and adaptable features, the nail grinder caters to various nail care requirements, suitable for different user preferences.
  • Adaptability: Designed for both professional nail technicians and personal users, the nail grinder is adaptable to a wide range of nail care applications.
  • Safety: Equipped with safety features, our nail grinder prioritizes user safety during operation, offering peace of mind to users.

Product Features:

  • Multiple speed settings for customized nail care, enhancing user flexibility.
  • Interchangeable attachments suitable for different nail care tasks, offering versatile functionality.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design for comfortable and secure handling, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  • Suitable for acrylic and natural nails, making it a versatile solution for diverse nail types.

This comprehensive nail grinder combines the advantages of multi-functionality, convenience, precision, adaptability, and safety, making it the perfect nail care solution for customers in European, American, and Middle Eastern markets.









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