Tips for post-manicure care


1. After the manicure, use the pulp of your fingers as much as possible to do things, and avoid doing things with your nail tips.
For example: open easy-pull with fingertips
Cans, unpacking express delivery with fingertips, typing on keyboards, peeling things… Excessive use of fingertips to do things, force improper use will cause the colloid to be damaged and fall off. May cause damage to the nails.

2. For those who often do housework at home, their hands often need to be in contact with water and detergents, which can easily cause the manicure to fall off and turn yellow. Try to wear gloves when doing housework, and keep your hands clean and fingers dry afterwards.

3. Try to avoid contact with easily dyed substances and corrosive chemicals, to avoid the nails being stained.
Contact with some natural things may cause staining, such as peeling oranges, crayfish,
dyeing agents, and other items with pigments.
Rub with half a fresh lemon every day for two weeks to remove stains.

4. Do not pick with your hands, otherwise it will not only easily cause the manicure to fall off, but also damage the nails themselves. If the nail peels off, use a nail clipper to cut it off.

5. Manicures have a shelf life, 25~30 days is the cycle, it is recommended that in the cycle and to be removed or replaced.
Not removing nail polish in a timely may lead to the bacteria growth.
If the nails are warped or peeled during the cycle, it is recommended that use nail scissors to cut it off, never peel it off with your hands! No!
Otherwise,the original nails are easy to peel off together and damage the nail bed!

6. When the nail becomes longer, the manicure should be removed first and then trimmed, don’t cut directly your nail, which will cause your fingertips to stick up.

Post time: Mar-24-2023