Debunking the Broken Nail Hypothesis


In today’s fast-paced world, many people opt for fake nails as a stylish and convenient way to enhance their appearance. However, a common assumption is that wearing fake nails may cause natural nails to break or crack. This article aims to debunk this myth by clarifying the facts and providing novice-friendly information about the effects of fake nails on natural nails. The Science Behind False Nails: False nails, also known as artificial or acrylic nails, are made by mixing acrylic powder and liquid. This acrylic mix hardens when exposed to air, making nail art last longer. It’s important to note that the application process involves careful preparation of the natural nail to ensure a strong bond between the fake and natural nails.


Contrary to popular belief, fake nails can actually strengthen natural nails in some cases. By acting as a protective barrier, they protect the natural nail from external factors that can cause brittleness or breakage, such as chemicals, excessive moisture or harsh mechanical stress. This extra layer provides support and reduces the chance of cracking or breaking.

Maintenance is key:

While false nails can be beneficial, they must be properly maintained to ensure the health of your natural nails. Regular maintenance is required to maintain the integrity of the false nails and prevent any lifting or separation. In addition, it is recommended to avoid excessive nail biting, use of nails as tools, or excessive force, as these habits can compromise the strength of natural and artificial nails.

Deletion process:

When removing fake nails, it’s crucial to follow proper procedures to minimize any potential damage to your natural nails. Many people make the mistake of pulling off fake nails too hard, causing the real nail to peel and weaken. Gentle removal techniques such as soaking in acetone or seeking professional help are recommended to keep your natural nails healthy.主图-001

In summary:

In conclusion, false nails by themselves will not cause nails to break or crack. When used and cared for properly, they can even provide a protective layer that strengthens the natural nail and reduces the risk of damage. However, it’s important to remember that proper maintenance and proper removal techniques are essential to ensure the continued health and strength of your natural nails. In this way, individuals can confidently pursue aesthetically pleasing manicures without fear of damaging their natural nails.

Post time: Jun-21-2023