What is the history of nail art?

For manicure, the ancient Egyptians took the lead in rubbing the fur of antelope to make their nails shiny, and applied henna flower juice to make them charming bright red. In an archaeological investigation, someone once discovered a cosmetic box in the tomb of Cleopatra, which recorded: “Virgin nail polish” is used to lead to the Western Paradise.
During the Tang Dynasty in our country, the fashion of dyeing armor had already appeared. The material used is Impatiens. The method is to take the flowers and leaves of the highly corrosive Impatiens and crush them in a small bowl. Add a small amount of alum to dip the nails. You can also pinch the silk cotton into the same sheet as the nail, put it into the flower juice, wait until the water is absorbed, take it out, put it on the nail surface, and dip it three to five times continuously, and it will not fade for several months. Manicure is not only a symbol of beauty, but also a symbol of status. Ancient Chinese officials also used decorative metal false nails to increase the length of nails to show their noble status.


Both the British royal family and the Chinese royal family of the Qing Dynasty have a tradition of keeping nails. Keeping white nails means that you don’t have to work hard, and it symbolizes status and rights. People with long, gorgeous nails tend to belong to the upper class.
No matter what nationality or race. The longing for beauty and reverence are the same. In the constant pursuit, techniques and methods are constantly changing.
New, nail art materials are also more healthy and environmentally friendly! Meet the beauty needs of different groups of people.


Beautiful hand and manicure culture originated in the development period of human civilization. It first appeared in people’s religion and sacrificial activities. People painted various patterns on their fingers and arms to pray for the blessing of the gods and get rid of evil. It has a long history in the five thousand years of history and culture of the Chinese nation. So far, we can find its shining historical light from many aspects. When it comes to manicure, hands naturally come to mind. Hands are the specific “practice” of human beings in the entire civilization process and an important part of the human body. They have played a huge and indispensable role in the process of human civilization.
With the development of civilization, the hand is not only a “tool” for labor, but also an organ of human beings. It has also been “discovered” and enhanced with its inherent beauty, especially women’s hands.

Post time: Mar-24-2023