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Creating the perfect mani or pedi at home doesn’t only come down to choosing the best nail polishes, gel nail kits, or dip powder sets. Having the right tools to prep your nails can make all the difference. Consider investing in an electric nail drill for pro-level results without the pricey salon visit.
As the name suggests, these gadgets are powered by electricity with tips and attachments that rotate across the nail and cuticle bed to polish and enhance the nail. “Nail drills are essential if you would like to save time as opposed to filing the nails by hand,” says NYC-based celebrity nail artist Trenna Seney. And they’re great at providing precision. “They also help with cleaning cuticles and getting into the sidewalls,” she adds.
To top it all off, they’re powerful enough to cut down on calluses and remove acrylics and gels so you can easily apply a fresh set.
With a slew of drill styles and lengths to choose from, your nails will be properly buffed, smoothed, and clean with the help of this cordless device. Increase or decrease the speed with the slide of a button to carefully clean artificial or natural nails. Additionally, it has an LED light for better visibility.


1. Take out the drill bit: Turn central barrel clockwise until hearing a click sound.
2. Choose the right bit: Remove the current bit and insert the one you need.
3. Insert the bit: Turn central barrel counter clockwise until hearing a click sound.
4. Ready to use it.

Take off the nail drill bit

The power supply must be cut off before replacing the grinding head. When the handle of the grinding head is removed no grinding head is inserted do not turn the switch to make it work.

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